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akleemans 22

Personal blog focussed on tech things I find interesting. Some of them involve building small tools (like a swiss ID checksum generator) or illustrating certain algorithms (like the 4 color theorem). RSS
akkartik 13508

Since 2012 I have a one-track mind. I want a world with:

* hundreds of software products for any need (mostly check)

* that can all be easily modified by hundreds of thousands of people,

* creating tens of thousands of forks,

* publishing thousands of forks

* used by millions of people.

Wake up sheeple! Add more resilience to your software tools! I joined Mastodon in 2018, the Tildeverse in 2020, Lemmy in 2022, Calckey in 2023. Monopolies won't break themselves, each of us has to be willing to think different, try out new things. RSS
akhenakh 54

I blog about software development, GIS Geospatial, Hamradio, Go, gRPC ...
akdas 789

A few of my posts on dynamic programming got a fair bit of traction here on HN.

I haven't posted in a while, but after a busy few years, I have some posts lined up. I want to reflect on some teaching I did (one big reason I didn't have time to blog), as well as document me getting a new home server set up (this time with containers, finally). RSS
akbarnama 5062

I infrequently post about anything I feel like. Some older posts, which were exported from the wordpress version of the blog, are a bit badly formatted.

I am using Zola and github actions to publish.
akalin 1886

I write very infrequently, but my favorite posts are:

- Why is the Quintic Unsolvable? -

- A Gentle Introduction to Erasure Codes - RSS
ajxs 2503 I think I'm a little late, but my personal blog is So far, I've mostly written about my hobby of reverse-engineering vintage synthesisers. I'm currently writing more 'general' tech articles.
Aissen 14459

HN really liked this article: Awk driven IoT

But there many others that could be interesting:

Making a Twitter bot that looks for hashes

SIGSEGv1 qualification CTF

Bash, so long and thanks for all the fish

Playing with ARM servers in a pre-Ampere era

How remote work pushes you towards engineering best practices

How I traded my first software project:

Winning r2wars 2019

And of course my ongoing Game Gear emulator in Rust series:
ailef 777 My blog is at

I write mostly about my for fun personal side projects. I don't have that many posts but I'm proud of having hit the HN front page a couple of times!
aidog 198 I write on

Ruby, Raspberry Pi, AI, Japan, Switzerland
aicioara 39

I've been writing for fun a few years ago, then one of my articles got really popular because it ranked high on search engines and it still receives a fair amount of traffic.

Since then, even though I wrote more articles, I discarded them because of this new "pressure": nothing really feels as good as the articles that I already published. I have not published anything in 4.5 years, but I keep promising myself that I'd start again some day.

Any feedback or criticism on the current articles is welcome.
ahstilde 781

YC founder talking to other YC founders
ahrwhitford 2 I write 'Requests for Startups' on Beehiiv.

Trying to break down big opportunities in big markets. Going to be doing some pieces in coming weeks on commercialising research and forgotten ideas from history that could still be viable startups today.

Some prev pieces on:

- Generative New Knowledge Creation (

- Infrastructure for building a one-person company (

- Personal teaching assistants for every child on earth (
ahnooie 0

Technology (mostly homelab), Finance, and the Christian Worldview. RSS
ahmadrosid 62 I write about web development mostly about Laravel, JavaScript, Rust and Golang.
ahalbert 31 My blog:

I just got back to public writing, but I like to share summaries of the books I read.

My most recent post is the secret history of cold war submarine espionage:

This recently was featured on hacker news's front page: