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The latest issue of my blog, which is a PDF file that is also a Factorio mod.
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I haven't written in a long time... I should probably re-start soon. RSS
donatj 16444 Very late to the game here


I'm known for my Minecraft Circle Generator


but I've got other projects and spiels. Couple of them have been on HN before. Go, PHP, CSVs, and complaining about tech.

CSV: An Encoding Nightmare


Falsehoods Programmers Believe About CSVs


GitHub Shouldn't Allow Username Reuse (This problem just had a light shine down on it again recently)


Go Modules have a v2+ Problem

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riffraff 16717

It's a personal blog, I've run different versions of it for 15 years or so, and there's few pages cached in which I would like to bring back to the latest incarnation.

Alas, never a priority. RSS
Pxtl 17014

Mostly cocktails and municipal politics of Hamilton Ontario.
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Personal blog covering engineering and technical topics.
susam 18141

I have been writing here since 2001. I write infrequently, so there are only about 50 posts so far. Some of my favourite posts:






The blog and the website is statically generated using a Common Lisp program. Only the comment form is dynamic and served using a tiny web application, also written in Common Lisp. See for the source code.
swyx 18440

I merge things across essays, notes, talks, podcasts, tutorials, and snippets and have 542 items.

- My most impactful essay, read by millions.

- Luck Surface Area, The 4 Kinds of Luck & beyond

- Split it into Community, Content & Product

- The future of JS tools & infra from 2020-2030

- The API Economy: Why it's good, but also has a dark side

- On AWS vs Cloudflare

- The final frontier of language and infra

- The iPhone of System Design

- Have a job, but don't BE your job

- Don't play games you don't want to win RSS
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I just celebrated 25 years of babbling about whatever random thing. RSS
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I write about software engineering, academia, product design, and usability. About 3/4 of them generate notable discussion on HN.
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Mostly about search engine development.
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