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zikani_03 24

Trying to get better at writing. I have like 54 articles in draft that I need to finish before year ends. :/
zimpenfish 8449 - nothing too exciting unless you're fond of football league rabbit holes, the occasional Minecraft tool, and various other rabbit holes which tend towards coding.
Zolomon 1462 is my personal blog, though I definitely need to pick up writing again.
zquestz 149 This is where I share my thoughts about crypto, security, infrastructure, linux, food, health and spirit.
zrail 8482

I don't really have a theme, other than just stuff that's interesting to me, but I'm proud of it as a body of work spanning more than a decade now. RSS
zrkrlc 455 Mostly philosophical spitballing:

Not a lot going on there but some people have told me they really like my essays so I elected to put my favourite ones online.
zserge 549 -- minimal software, learning how things work by building them RSS
zufallsheld 510

Mainly technical and DevOps, Ansible posts. Many smaller posts about my TIL's.
zzpxyx 1

Random technical memos and tips.