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fanf2 36196 Mine is at

Started on LiveJournal over 20 years ago, moved to Dreamwidth, and eventually it moved to my own website.
giuliomagnifico 40140
ksec 40798

Just me ranting about things. Or something like a research notes I could check back.
feross 45921 though I mostly blog at these days.
mpweiher 51245

Software architecture (, performance, iOS/macOS programming. RSS
lisper 54428 RSS
Brajeshwar 57140
fogus 58182

Programming posts, some gaming talk, and occasional random ramblings.
stavros 64790 Unlike many people here, I don't like to write hundreds of mediocre posts. Instead, I prefer very few posts, that unfortunately are still mediocre.

If you're tired of all the perfection that exists on the internet, where every piece is deeply insightful and changes your life, I'd encourage you to read my articles, which only promise to shorten it: RSS
mooreds 69527 Two personal blogs: - what I wish I'd known when I started as a dev - tech/business/books, coming up on 20 years! RSS
bookofjoe 77848

I post 3x daily (since 2004) featuring things that surprise/inform/amuse/amaze/delight (sometimes >1 of these)
jseliger 84514 RSS
jgrahamc 88941 RSS