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w4rner 1 Write about The Arts & Tech and how we can defend the former from the latter. (via - a superbly curated, sustainable blogger community)

Top posts of last year: ft. Intros to: M.b, web-design & blogging Deep dives on: scams, BTC CO2 & TLDs

Ps thanks for getting me off the comment fence here. I do love a blogroll.
webmeister 1 Development, Design and Productivity
wittbenji 1

I write satire in short form posts a couple of times a week. Often it’s about AI and tech, but really anything that makes me laugh.

A few that turned out well:

Apple Vision Pro is an iOpener

Irish Spring stumbles into artificial intelligence

Steamboat Ronnie

Trader Joe’s upgrades Joes O’s RSS
yshalsager 1 Been blogging in Arabic since 2014, 360 articles so far :D There are few English posts as well, mostly Python and Android stuff.
zielsen 1

I’ve been writing on and off for a few years now! I’ve mostly been using this to note any particularly troublesome bugs/commands as well as use writing to think through some analysis throughout my career. RSS
zzpxyx 1

Random technical memos and tips.
ahnooie 0

Technology (mostly homelab), Finance, and the Christian Worldview. RSS
OpFour 0

Mainly a Linux administration site containing tweaks, software, how-to's, and other random stuff. I started this blog for my own benefit so I could remember those little tweaks or fixes which escape memory at crucial times when a needed repair or a new issue arose that I had never dealt with before. When I would research these issues, I would come across great posts and information I wanted to remember and posted that information here. Enjoy!
ThatDumbGirl 0

I can see I love the mix of business, psychology and software dev...
drycode -1 I just made it! Hoping to write a lot more soon
greentimer -2
inmate4587 -3

I write about all things related to open source, from programming to howtos for Linux and other problems.
desijays -4 Here is mine:

It's new and has just one post. But over the next few days and months, I am hoping to post voluminous content that has utility and usefulness to a large or niche audience.

The kind of topics will vary from startups, AI, governance, technocracy and other projects and businesses I am building.