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y3sar 4

Just started, Mostly planning to write about AI, startups, philosophy, and the future.
brio09 5 I started writing 3 years ago. I'm not sure if Wix has a RSS feed, but I rate limit my posts to once a week at I write about business, entrepreneurship, and tech. Nowadays also about the journey in writing.
hlammers 5

Recently redesigned. Mostly short notes on frontend related things.
jhartr 5 Here we go, please let me know if this could be improved upon:

Edit for https. Probably my third time posting on hacker news. RSS
kslambert 5
luke7711 5

I write mostly about topics such as: astronomy, chess and programming.
mrhat 5

I've been trying to write more consistently (2x month) since the beginning of the year about startup and tech topics in general. I like to share experiences and perspective over organisational, hiring and product topics.

I always liked to do it and had a old Wordpress website, but now I decided to code it from scratch to make the blogging experience simpler. Allowing me to drag and drop Word files over the page to create articles. I also blogged about that!

Some of my favorite articles: David and Goliath (big company v. startup) - Finding the One (how to hire) - I remastered Facebook Little Red Book (project about remaking in high-quality the best culture startup book out there) -
rajkumaar23 5

ThatҀ™s my online home. I blog ~once a year mostly if I am releasing a side project that can be useful to others.

Recent release : (most helpful webapp if you plan to travel internationally soon for the first time) RSS
xanthrax 5

Only a few posts but hopefully interesting enough.
armas 6 I'm still early in my career, but I think this is the start of something great!
battesonb 6

A relatively new blog. I've picked up posting more frequently in the last few weeks. Right now, I'm working through making a simple game end-to-end using WebGPU and TypeScript. I enjoy revisiting the linear algebra involved and focusing on something different to my work day. RSS
chamik 6

Writeups, short essays, random stuff. I also write short reviews of books over at (Only in Czech though)
corkscrew 6

Planning to be more active over the next 6 months, stepping up to at least one post a month
evantravers 6

Front-end, automation, creativity, UX, faith. RSS
georgeyw 6

Only a few weeks old, but I'm planning to publish every two weeks for a while! No fixed topics. RSS
hsnice16 6 RSS