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athanasiosem 1
bom-d-van 1
bytefish 1 RSS
c6p 1

I try to develop an habit of writing, unsuccessfully.

Bursts of very infrequent posts about web, game dev, personal projects, and tools or lessons learned.
chand1012 1

I write new posts a few times a year, usually about programming and other techy stuff. RSS
CharlieYuuu 1 RSS
chiefastro 1

Writing about all things data science.

But the main purpose of my site is to scrape RSS feeds of data science blogs and serve them as an email digest (kind of like Google News alerts for data science tutorials). to subscribe.

I'm loving this thread of personal blogs, I may need to scrape it and add a bunch to my list...
choefele 1 The gist of leadership concepts as a sketchnote
coticWorker 1

Just a blog where I do some reviews and detail my projects. I'm just starting out.

It's built with Hugo and hosted on Sourcehut pages. You can find the sources below: RSS
credmp 1

I write about my thesis, hacking and AI at the moment.
cybersepp 1

The post above talks not so much about technical aspects of programming but rather what people (me included) have done using programming creatively. :)
davidanekstein 1

I post every once in a while, it’s usually topics I do a deep or shallow dive into. Lately there’s been Rust and graph theory. RSS
_davidhorne_ 1
daviewales 1

An intermittent blog, which these days mostly seems to be about configuring Linux on old Macs.
deskoftom 1 A simple blog musing about my thoughts and opinions as a software leader. I'm still new to both writing blogs and leadership, so feedback is most welcome: RSS
deuterium--_-- 1 I mostly write about CTFs, SMT solving and cryptography Here are some of my writeups to CTF challenges RSS