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craigkerstiens 31468

Been up and down on cadence over the years, but a few posts that have shown up here.

- Give me back my monolith -

- Why Postgres -

- Unfinished business with Postgres -

- A guide to PR for startups - RSS
dijit 29433

Mostly I rant about things and it becomes a jumbled mess of crap. My issue is keeping things short.

More interesting than my blog is the discussions that happen because of them:

Interesting ones include:

* Cloudflare is turning off the internet for me:

* My Manager spent $1M on a backup server I never used:

* I don't trust Signal:

* How to survive an open office:

(the final one seeming much less relevant these days, thankfully). RSS
ComputerGuru 28862 I started blogging here [0] in 2004 or so on any tech-related issue that would cross my mind; as I gathered viewers and matured, I began writing less and less until now I only write when I feel I have something actually valuable to share. These days it is mostly about open source, rust, and .NET.

edent 27678

Daily blogging from me. Going back a looooong time. Mix of technical and personal. A few posts from it seem to resonate here.
rcarmo 24975

20+ years of UNIX/macOS related stuff, including ARM hardware, various electronics shenanigans and nearly 10000 interlinked Wiki pages: (warning: Chromium/Webkit/GPU recommended) RSS
ChrisMarshallNY 24664 It’s not exactly a “personal blog,” but I write about some tech stuff: RSS
sneak 23438

Intermittent posting, mostly about random things I observe using macOS, or traveling. RSS
imgabe 22539 Sure

I should post more. I'm kind of leaning more towards an old-style homepage than a blog though, that's why I separated out the Notes and Miscellany sections for things that don't really make sense as a part of a chronological series of posts. RSS
jefftk 22257

2,155 posts on parenting, traditional music, contra dance, effective altruism, programming, cooking, and anything else I'm excited about at the moment.
AndrewKemendo 21422

More broadly though as I put my most important thoughts on the front page
sschueller 20666

Random topics around internet and electronics
eatonphil 20549 Ah this is fun to see everyone's favorite posts of their own!

Mine is Some of my favorite posts:

- Writing a SQL database, take two: Zig and RocksDB

- Writing a document database from scratch in Go: Lucene-like filters and indexes

- Implementing a distributed key-value store on top of implementing Raft in Go

- Writing a minimal Lua implementation with a virtual machine from scratch in Rust

- Parser generators vs. handwritten parsers: surveying major language implementations in 2021

- Emulating linux/AMD64 userland: interpreting an ELF binary RSS
prepend 20363

Technology and technology-adjacent culture posts a few times per year. Mostly around my interest in data, programming, APIs, cryptography, travel, books, and consulting (way back in the 00s).
behnamoh 19975
marginalia_nu 19864

Mostly about search engine development.
azhenley 19668

I write about software engineering, academia, product design, and usability. About 3/4 of them generate notable discussion on HN.