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zer0tonin 1429 - I talk about a lot of tech related stuff, mostly devops and cryptography. I have been making around a post a month lately.

Noteworthy posts:

- : How much can you really get out of a 4$ VPS?

- : Low Tech Crypto : Solitaire

- : The dangers of AES-CBC RSS
zellyn 4062 — not updated in a while. Notable mainly for my pikchr port to Go.
ZeljkoS 7879

Started in 2012, some of blog posts featured on HN, sorted by more popular first:

HN points, Title, URL, HN discussion

346 points, "Worst CAPTCHA Ever",,

184 points, "Web Bloat Score Calculator",,

124 points, "I was kicked out from TEDx event for saying water-fuelled car is a scam",,

61 points, "34 little POS machines",,

58 points, "Daddy, did you really need to buy an electric car?",,

43 points, "Screwed by Lufthansa and the German Government, Saved by PayPal",,
zefram_l 13 RSS
zefhous 1110

Mostly journaling projects in the physical realm. I’ve been enjoying making things with wood, leather, metal, electronics, 3D printing. And some introspective writing, mostly for myself. I have lots more drafts of projects that I’m hoping to publish in the near future. RSS
zdwolfe 69 tech and personal musings when I find time to write about them.

My favorite is Schrödinger's Microservice, which was fun to write
zck 3128

A lot of Emacs stuff, but also some generative art, nix, and til posts. Tags page here:
zarathustra333 14

Very much a work in progress and hope to start blogging actively soon
Zanni 2655 Writing about writing. And swords. Of most interest to HN readers is probably this piece of flash fiction, Prompt Engineering for pre-Singularity Service Workers [0], inspired by the idea that LLMs like ChatGPT are likely to change the way people communicate with each other. But there's also this ten-part series on how to write a fight scene [1].


zacssite 156

I write about cybersecurity, leadership, weightlifting, and writing, with a few other topics thrown in here and there. RSS
zackproser 124

Mostly open source apps that I build to scratch an itch and then write tutorials about after putting it up on GitHub.

Lately, more AI and DevEx type stuff. RSS
zacjszewczyk 173

I write about cybersecurity, leadership, weightlifting, and writing, with a few other topics thrown in here and there.
YuukiRey 378

Most recently: Two Years of Using Nix and Home Manager RSS
yshalsager 1 Been blogging in Arabic since 2014, 360 articles so far :D There are few English posts as well, mostly Python and Android stuff.
yoru-sulfur 213

Mobile experience is poor, I suggest not trying to use your phone.
yogsototh 2446 (or its clone

I blog about functional programming (haskell, clojure), but also emacs org-mode, thing like these. I sometimes tell myself I should invest more time to write down more about my thoughts there.

I am happy to be part of the 512kb club.

Here are a few posts that were somehow popular:


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