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esastref 1 I write about software engineering and startup & business-related topics.
fady0 1 writing about AWS and DevOps stuff
gabbas 1 3D printing, software development, and travel
gocreating 1

I share my personal insights from time to time.
graciedam 1

I started this blog fairly recently. I am trying to learn new things by studying and sharing knowledge at the same time. RSS
Guillim 1 I try to explain my tech discoveries. Surprisingly some traffic for a very "lean" design
gyuregabi 1

I'm still working out meaningful content creation :)
hvalls 1 Made with NextJS + Tailwind + Markdown files for the posts
hvidal 1 About software development, but I haven't written anything recently. RSS
itspriddle 1
jeanmarcazzi 1
Jigjig 1

Writings about Python on the Web, with a focus on PyScript and Pyodide. Also occassional notes about other technical projects (mostly microcontroller-based LED controls) and amateur radio.
johnny_lee 1

Random musings about tech, business, and interests.
jrgp2040 1

My occasional side projects on Linux sysadmin, PC building, and networking.

Named as such because I love Debian!
jwcooney 1

I post about programming and technologies that interest me. I've been posting since 2011 and lately I've been looking for inspiration about new topics. RSS
jwmke 1

Started writing this year; just a few posts so far about topics I find interesting.