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ylansegal 8 RSS
yla92 3542 I haven't been writing much but mine is at! RSS
ykl 2179

Writing about computer graphics. Long detailed posts every few months. It's been on a slight pause over the past year, but new stuff coming soon.
ykgoon 2

Statically generated with Pelican.

Not keeping track of posts, been too many years.
yizhang7210 17 I write about software here: RSS
Yeri 1223
yellowapple 10485

Not much here yet; just a couple posts about software/hardware I use.
ybogomolov 7 My personal blog: I used to blog about functional programming in TypeScript and fp-ts. Now I don’t have much time for that, but I’m planning to revive the blog with more FP content soon.
yasyfm 467
yashasolutions 207

Power by hugo after being on wordpress and then gatsby. The hardest was to get a workflow of writting so that i don't have streaks of multiple month without any writting going on.

Still hard but somehow it is improving. I have also cut out twitter and I am trying to write everything on the blog first and then eventually to to tweet it later RSS
yakshaving_jgt 5393 Some Haskell stuff. Some angry rants. Some ideas. RSS
yakkomajuri 880

I write about whatever comes to mind, and also post some pictures there. Been meaning to restructure the whole thing but haven't gotten to it yet.
y3sar 4

Just started, Mostly planning to write about AI, startups, philosophy, and the future.
xythobuz 123
xorvoid 511

I write quirky computer science articles. Usually based on some crazy project often at the intersection of computers and math. Currently working on a series that builds Finite Fields up from scratch step-by-step (haven’t published that yet)
xoranth 106

In-depth blogging about low level optimization. Two posts so far:

- A walkthrough of an highly optimized implementation of string comparisons.

- Micro-optimizing a perfect hash function and memory comparisons.

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