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karanbirsingh 1

teaching, visualizations, crafts, etc

impl: vanilla html, simple rss feed
kenluck2001 1 Probing Real-World Cryptosystems,

Privacy at your Fingertips,

Upcoming new book on Distributed Computing,

Metamorphic Testing in a Nutshell,

Real-Time Anomaly Detection for Multivariate Data Stream,

PySmooth: A time series library from first principles,

Fake news: An exploratory dive into ways to identify misinformation in a network,

GPU: A General-Purpose Accelerator,

For more information,

Open Source Contributions:


kiennt26 1

Kien's garden, all about tech and personal musings.
krakatoaspeaks 1
kristapsg 1

This is the place where I share my expertise in iOS and Solidity blockchain development.
landreville 1 Mostly film photography that I was posting daily and also a few long-form software articles which I'd like to write more of. RSS
ledeniz 1

It's not much but it's mine :) RSS
loopdreams 1

Personal blog, including writings on philosophy/technology and some music
majkp 1

Scala, notes from meetups, random TIL, some posts on Home Assistant RSS
manas96 1 I just started, but my hope is to post about nature, photography and computer graphics. I've only got time to finish one full article so far. It's a low-budget guide to the Montreal GP with some sweet photos I'm proud of:
mattsimpson 1

I have been blogging before it was called blogging! Ha. Mostly just random technical musings, with a bit of book/movie reviews. There is always room for improvement and more, but I like my little slice of the web.
mboleary 1

I haven't posted new content there in a while, but I hope to soon when I find the time. It's still largely a work in progress, and I think I've spent more time working on the custom theme than I have on the actual content.
meetgor 1 I usually write about golang these days. I have been building projects recently, so the frequency has slowed down a bit.
michaelfromyeg 1 but I don't write enough :')




are my favorites to-date
mrdlm 1 I write about science, philosophy, and related things :D RSS
neilvedi 1

I'm just getting started learning Deep Learning, I'll be sharing my notes over there :) RSS