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This is mostly a tech blog (Linux things) i.e. public notes to myself.

On my other (Dutch) blog I write every day with travel updates or interesting things I learned from books:
Aissen 14174

HN really liked this article: Awk driven IoT

But there many others that could be interesting:

Making a Twitter bot that looks for hashes

SIGSEGv1 qualification CTF

Bash, so long and thanks for all the fish

Playing with ARM servers in a pre-Ampere era

How remote work pushes you towards engineering best practices

How I traded my first software project:

Winning r2wars 2019

And of course my ongoing Game Gear emulator in Rust series:
k__ 14130

I write about anything that can help frontend devs to use their skills in the whole stack. Lately, that's decentralization tech.

Wrote more frequently there in the past, but after a year of hobby blogging I transitioned into doing it as my main job and now I write mostly for other people's blogs.

( if you need a "pen for hire")
jakelazaroff 14067 — mostly web dev, some politics, some music.
kposehn 13804
dewey 13482 Blogging about annoying technology at: RSS
nicbou 13230

I redesigned it a few months ago after finding a font I love.
akkartik 13182

Since 2012 I have a one-track mind. I want a world with:

* hundreds of software products for any need (mostly check)

* that can all be easily modified by hundreds of thousands of people,

* creating tens of thousands of forks,

* publishing thousands of forks

* used by millions of people.

Wake up sheeple! Add more resilience to your software tools! I joined Mastodon in 2018, the Tildeverse in 2020, Lemmy in 2022, Calckey in 2023. Monopolies won't break themselves, each of us has to be willing to think different, try out new things. RSS
tedivm 12696

Most popular posts- - Using Github Actions OpenID Connect to push to AWS ECR without Credentials - Rob’s Awesome Python Template - Getting AWS ECS to work on Ubuntu with Full GPU Support - Telling OpenSSH to Pull Keys from Github with AuthorizedKeysCommand - Multi-Py: Multiplatform Container Images for Python Packages - ec2details, the missing EC2 Instance Metadata API RSS
codeulike 12406 Occasional development blog for things I've figured out that seem worth sharing
DocFeind 12229 my clunky eclectic web face online. slow growing bits of projects and tools, eventual rambles on topics from what i do, made with experimental builds because it's mine and it's fun to play in the codes ;)
nickjj 12146

I've been posting for ~8 years, there's 443 posts / videos and I post something new every week. It's focused on anything related to building and deploying web apps. RSS
pclmulqdq 12063 I kind of fell off the wagon after a strong 2022, but there are a few good ones:
JacobAldridge 12057

I’ve not been especially active the past few years. Now doing something at least weekly, but via email and intermittently uploading to my blog.
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