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neok 1 - not writing that much, but thinking about to start writing again about Symfony/Nuxt/Vue and other topics. RSS
nicoburniske 1 just started writing. blog is built in rust using leptos
notedwin 1

I write about projects I have worked on.

Topics: Python, expected goals, feature engineering, Infrastructure as Code, AWS, Raspberry Pi, iPhone sqlite DB's (heart rate data and screen time)
nsrcodes 1 Here's my personal blog - Just place for me to dump my notes and thoughts.
nss139 1

A podcast about anything and everything that will help you Deliver Value to clients while maintaining a healthy and happy Organization.

Feedback ARE very welcome. RSS
parand 1

Mostly tech and machine learning along with random nonsense.
pedroth 1

Just some random projects
pratikdaigavane 1
productme 1

I want to get into writing about product development. Not very happy with any of the articles yet, but I wanted to put something out there. RSS
quilime 1 blog:

personal website:
quodsoler 1

I have started to share Unreal Engine hidden knowledge ( The engine has tons of cool things but not very documented )

One topic for instance is Component Visualizers, super helpful to work in the editor: -

I plan to share more on the Gameplay Ability System and other topics as well.

Finally, lately I have started a weekly newsletter to help Solo Game developers:

Hope someone finds this helpful!
raduzaharia 1 I write about privacy, security, old software, sometimes programming: RSS
RamVasuthevan 1 is my personal site built using Jekyll. is my blog built using Ghost Pro RSS
randomnoun 1 - a wordpress blog covering a handful of projects I've opensourced and a few software-related rants

Here's a few posts:

- - java to graphviz

- - visualising sql execution plans

- - data warehousing

- - the template language to end all template languages

- - musical brainfarts

- - grappling with tabs in HTML

- - grappling with drawio
reubence 1 Haven't written in a while, but the blog on dataism deserves it's own thread and I'm extremely proud of it here ->

All Articles -> RSS
rtparsons 1

Not been going very long. Python tech blog