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bayindirh 12132

It's a semi-regular, assorted blog about my adventures and experiences in life. Generally semi-focused on minimalism, computers and life in general.

It's powered by, which is very minimal and a joy to use. RSS
JacobAldridge 12058

Iรขย€ย™ve not been especially active the past few years. Now doing something at least weekly, but via email and intermittently uploading to my blog.
cratermoon 11940 The Cranky Developer (infrequently updated)
coldcode 11701

Posts going back to 2008, on programming in general. RSS
fredley 11645 Only started recently, and finding it very hard to press publish! Lots of ideas but putting them out there goes against the grain for me. RSS
BeetleB 11413
softwaredoug 11187 - about search and AI, being a staff engineer, and team dynamics
philip1209 11051

Small feature that makes me write more: I added the ability for past posts to be "unlisted", so they don't show up on the "past posts" list. That way, I can mix evergreen and ephemeral posts on the same site. RSS
mintplant 10864 - experiments and odds and ends, infrequently updated!
yellowapple 10494

Not much here yet; just a couple posts about software/hardware I use.
asicsp 10343 I write about Regular Expressions, Linux CLI one-liners, Scripting Languages and Vim:

I also read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi novels, and have a blog for my reviews: RSS
themodelplumber 10301

I'm having one of those moments where I don't know why anyone would go there though. xD RSS
mikewarot 10229 - a few hundred posts in the last 2 decades on a variety of topics, including photography, programming, etc. RSS
agentultra 10208

I haven't updated in a long while! I'll get around to it at some point..
jitl 10007
PStamatiou 9949

Been writing on it for almost 18 years - a mix of tech, design, photography. Custom designed myself, but built with Jekyll.

Some recent posts:

- (a set of "gear" pages i've been trying to keep up to date)

- (Digital clutter: Learning to let go and stop hoarding terabytes)

- (Revisiting the iPod: Buying and using a 20 year old iPod)

- (Craft: Thoughts on elevating product quality)

- (Building a Lightroom PC: Why I switched to Windows and built a water-cooled 5.2GHz editing machine) RSS