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samueldobbie 1 - published my first post today on personal productivity. Going forward I'll be writing about software engineering, startups, scuba diving, and AI (namely NLP). RSS
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simonwjackson 1 RSS
spectro123 1 Generally finance topics but I'm considering branching out into general content!
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Nothing fancy, just some evidence that I existed. RSS
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I write about affordable access to internet with a focus on Africa. Some recent-ish posts I am proud of:

* A Game of Stones - - rethinking telecom regulation

* A Penny Black Broadband Strategy - - democratising access to backhaul

* The 5G Fugazi - - dismantling 5G hype

* Annual review of African telecom infrastructure development - RSS
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tek256 1 Incoherent ramblings about making games, game engines, and just software in general
thejspr 1 Mostly rails and unix stuff at
TimeWasterPro 1 I really need to add more content. About 90% of the content is still in drafts. It's really my online notebook. I add content when I either organize my old files or finally find some free time. Tell me what you think. It covers everything from software, ML, CNC, Wled, Robots, High voltage, and etc. RSS
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Mix of electronics, software and a little mechanical hardware. From an embedded perspective. Lots of clocks :).
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Started a year back with the goal of writing one blog a week. Couldn't stick to it completely but have written nearly 50 articles.

Here's some of my favorites:

- - How to prepare for your next layoff in India

- - Travelling to Paris all alone

- - Things I wish I had known before my first internship

Consider subscribing to my email list. If you prefer RSS, here's the link
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w4rner 1 Write about The Arts & Tech and how we can defend the former from the latter. (via - a superbly curated, sustainable blogger community)

Top posts of last year: ft. Intros to: M.b, web-design & blogging Deep dives on: scams, BTC CO2 & TLDs

Ps thanks for getting me off the comment fence here. I do love a blogroll.
webmeister 1 Development, Design and Productivity