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carapace 9756 I think of my comments here on HN as my blog. ( )

I've been on here a daily for several years now (you can tell when I'm really working on something because there are gaps in my comment history. E.g. the last two weeks or so I've been mucking about with my land.) Every once in a while I do a narcissistic trawl through my own comments and I feel like they're a pretty good representation of what I'm like and what I'm about.

I have a small Gemini "capsule" (site) gemini:// that gets translated to HTML/HTTP at: I call it a blog but I haven't added anything recently.

I've been using a mailing list as a place to record notes:

I'm in the beginning stages of creating a mutual-benefit non-profit corporation to supply ecologically-harmonious homes at extremely low cost. I'm talking about systems that provide food, shelter, clothing, much medicine, energy, etc. automatically with minimal labor and oversight. We have all the technology already, it's just a matter of putting the elements together. So come watch or participate in that? ;)
captn3m0 9594

indymike 9404 - I cover a lot of topics ranging from development, business and occasionally a political rant.
surprisetalk 9190

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Hamuko 9183

Don't expect anything beyond miscellaneous ramblings. RSS
amadeuspagel 9142

Media Theory, Window Managers, UI, random gripes about tech companies RSS
apitman 9003

Main claim to fame is that you can read my blog with curl:


Or netcat:

nc 2052 <<< /txt/feed
qznc 8897

Plenty of software engineering stuff but not limited to that.
stevekemp 8863 is my blog. The headline is "Debian & Free Software", but these days I write about toy scripting languages, CP/M, random hardware hacks, and other related "computer stuff".
zimpenfish 8654 - nothing too exciting unless you're fond of football league rabbit holes, the occasional Minecraft tool, and various other rabbit holes which tend towards coding.
zrail 8591

I don't really have a theme, other than just stuff that's interesting to me, but I'm proud of it as a body of work spanning more than a decade now. RSS
paraschopra 8504

I write about startups, rationality and science.
diego 8429

Lately I've been writing about AI because it's impossible not to. But I generally write shower thoughts about tech and my experiences in the industry. RSS
geocrasher 8376
smcleod 8285

I used to blog about the challenges of running high throughput / latency sensitive workloads on a shoestring budget at non-profits, these days it's mostly code snippets and me whining about enterprise culture ;')
est 8238 Am I late to the party?

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- stdin: stuff from other places I think worth noting

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