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andrew_shay 36 Blog and digital garden, but I don't write much RSS
AndrewStephens 2697

Random projects (one or two have made it to HN before) but mainly just musings on book or films or places I have been. First started in 2006!

HN readers will probably be most interested in my computer related posts: RSS
AndroidKitKat 422 Just a blog running on my Phorge instance. I want to write more about what I'm doing :-)
andy99 3000

(general purpose personal website that's mostly a blog)
andyjohnson0 15540

Posts are randomly distributed in topic/time space. RSS
anfractuosity 2810 Not sure if my site counts as a blog or not, as the posts aren't chronologically ordered (except in RSS).

Silly posts include visual cryptography keyrings, turning a b&w monitor colour and listening to fermentation bubbles. RSS
animesh371g 156 Technical concepts, distributed systems explained in simple words - RSS
animuchan 200

(Not a high-effort publication like many other links here, just some notes.)
ankitag9 4

Recently started writing regularly. Have decided to focus on technical nuances and programming mental models learned the hard way, things I wish I knew in college or early career. - About my learning from running my startup for 5 years. - The latest one I wrote on LLMs - About the breakthrough brought in by Airpods. - Thinking about TAM RSS
anonymous2023 1 For now, just a collection of links. Anything interesting I found on the internet or newsletters during a week but plan to start writing original content in a couple of years.
anthonylatona 2 Just getting started:
anton_ai 26

I write mostly about AI and how to train deep learning models.
aodin 422

I mostly write about Python, Django, and SQL, but occasionally do some basic statistical and GIS work.
aoms 236 write about coding, DevOps, etc RSS
aor215 7

I write personal essays and articles about code.
aostiles 2

Just started writing about programming. First post was about implementing WebAuthn.