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0gdd 2

My blog, lists, notes... Really anything I want to share. Quality is meh, content is random, i love it.
ahrwhitford 2 I write 'Requests for Startups' on Beehiiv.

Trying to break down big opportunities in big markets. Going to be doing some pieces in coming weeks on commercialising research and forgotten ideas from history that could still be viable startups today.

Some prev pieces on:

- Generative New Knowledge Creation (

- Infrastructure for building a one-person company (

- Personal teaching assistants for every child on earth (
anthonylatona 2 Just getting started:
aostiles 2

Just started writing about programming. First post was about implementing WebAuthn.
Atelfo 2 I write about biotech mostly RSS
barriteau 2 Not exactly a blog but a bunch of essays and stuff I've been writing:

Everything there is in Spanish EXCEPT for an (fictional?) idea to replace Google with a decentralized alternative:
bfdes 2

I write about topics I find interesting. Current blog posts discuss property testing, library design, and combinatorial optimization.
blogpost123 2

A few years worth of posts (haven't updated it in about a year though). Anonymous because I'd rather not tie it to my normal acct on here.
bluebeku 2

Writing about learning, healthy productivity, creating and things that interest me.

Next post will be on "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker, a summary of its content with relevant additions from elsewhere and a quick evaluation discussing its problems such as far far too many untruthful claims.

Future posts will be on my year studying in South Korea, burnout, motivation, front-end development and a rewrite of the post on Anki and learning. Have more thing planned but am already not publishing enough.

Seeing so many posts here feels intimidating and it might not be worth the effort to even share this. Hopefully one person enjoys it :) RSS
bytefish 2 RSS
cavanhorn 2

I blog/journal about politics (from a classical liberal/Objectivist perspective), cultural issues, and random things I find interesting.

"Articles" linked at top right leads to columns. RSS
ChocBananaChips 2

Energy related
clowncubs 2 Art, music, fiction, daily life - a creative space outside of work and family -
data_base 2

Late to the party. Newer blog. I wanted to get another post up before posting here.
davidvd 2

I write about why programming is so hard and my approach to keeping code in good shape. Not really a blog but similar enough in shape to post it here :)
DiFronzo 2 - small personal blog, writes about tech and stuff-