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bergie 8010
boyter 7895

Its closer to a personal diary of the things I do technology wise, and where I put anything I have written together so I have a record of it. RSS
ZeljkoS 7879

Started in 2012, some of blog posts featured on HN, sorted by more popular first:

HN points, Title, URL, HN discussion

346 points, "Worst CAPTCHA Ever",,

184 points, "Web Bloat Score Calculator",,

124 points, "I was kicked out from TEDx event for saying water-fuelled car is a scam",,

61 points, "34 little POS machines",,

58 points, "Daddy, did you really need to buy an electric car?",,

43 points, "Screwed by Lufthansa and the German Government, Saved by PayPal",,
bovermyer 7863

There is a wide variety of random content on my site. This is my blog. I tend to write more often about gaming and life in general, and tech only sporadically.
slyall 7818 Main Blog page is:

I do a monthly post with very short reviews of [audio]books I've read. Occassional other posts about tech, transport and random stuff. Trying to get out some more shorter tech posts.

Some posts: - Sidewalk Delivery Robots: An Introduction to Technology and Vendors - A minimal viable Light Rail for Auckland - Prometheus node_exporter crashed my server RSS
jasonlotito 7801 Tech stuff, programming, life, really anything that I want.
seanwilson 7793 My website is and my very infrequently updated blog is I'm one of those people who probably has more fun setting up the blog and playing with static site generators but I keep thinking I'll get around to writing more one day. :)

Most of my writing was on web best practices which got migrated to my project here:
bachmeier 7791

It's a continuation of my earlier blog, but I wanted something more minimal. It's not something I'd read if someone else wrote it. Sometimes I like to write. I put professional content on my website.
mgh2 7771 World insights RSS
steve_adams_86 7748

It’s barren these days — I got self conscious about writing for some reason, and removed most of what I’d written — but I’ve recently gotten back to it. I have a lot ready to go, just need to build that confidence and hit publish again.

I write for myself more than anything, which makes the hesitation that much stranger. RSS
acconrad 7701

A lot of it is around engineering management best practices but there are some more philosophical and personal bits sprinkled here and there.

It has hit HN a few times but I’ll admit I have no analytics on it so I don’t really know how many readers I have beyond my newsletter subscribers. RSS
mcherm 7667

Not updated nearly often enough, but it is not entirely abandoned.
orlp 7555

I post occasionally, usually with mathy or low-level optimization content.
jiripospisil 7467

I post with a few years in between but here it is.
megous 7398 RSS
DeusExMachina 7346

Focused on iOS development, Swift, and SwiftUI