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ChocBananaChips 2

Energy related
clowncubs 2 Art, music, fiction, daily life - a creative space outside of work and family -
data_base 2

Late to the party. Newer blog. I wanted to get another post up before posting here.
davidvd 2

I write about why programming is so hard and my approach to keeping code in good shape. Not really a blog but similar enough in shape to post it here :)
DiFronzo 2 - small personal blog, writes about tech and stuff-
gizmolo 2

Just started one! Looking forward to writing more about tech and web dev :)
greentimer 2
ingorichter 2 Random thoughts, engineering stuff and a loose collection of thoughts during the pandemic. Hugo to generate, hosting on github
joeblogs 2

Python & Analytics, with a heavy skew towards pricing and website investments.

Also has a bunch of web calculators and some past research projects.

Pricing content goes on hold when my day job is focused on that. Too much professional backlash... RSS
krsoninikhil 2

Learnt most while writing:

- - Intro to music theory

- - Confusing terms while trying to understand container

- - Problems faced while setting up public MSK RSS
lawrencegripper 2 RSS
lukesingham 2 Majority tech related with a little economics/politics too.
mdrwsh 2 just started writing blog in a telegram channel, a little bit of support might helps it.
msctrl 2

My personal blog written in Bahasa Sarawak RSS
secsubsc 2 Started recently to host on my own -

Mostly stuff related to Software QA (Quality Analysis - Testing). RSS
smallnest 2 write some posts about golang, rust and others RSS