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Maro 7309
pera 7262

Not much yet but I'm trying to get back to blogging (mostly STEM)
hardwaregeek 7237 RSS
stargrave 7235 with more than 4.8k of posts, but on russian. RSS
sudhirj 7217
lelanthran 7185
DamnInteresting 7164 Mine may or may not qualify as a "personal blog." It is running on blogging software (Wordpress) and I am a person, but our content is more magazine-like than blog-like. In any case, it can be found at Established 2005.
WoodenChair 7151

I blog about technical subjects, general societal observations, and post book reviews.
allenleein 7073

startup, venture capital, programming RSS
slimsag 6972

gamedev & Zig - I've been working on a game engine in Zig the past two years and am now working on making my first game using it :) RSS
benhoyt 6950

The programming-related articles I've written, focussing primarily on Go and Python, as well as articles about my projects like GoAWK.
herbertl 6920 — I don't write much technical content, I usually cover marketing, creativity, and the human condition.

Sharing a few posts that have resonated at hn, and highlighting the discussion (which I've found just as interesting—if not more so—as writing the post): hn thread: hn thread: hn thread: hn thread: hn thread:
unmole 6898

I haven't written anything in 3 years but I think a few of my posts were pretty good. Some of them even made it to the top of HN and Proggit.
jszymborski 6844
xena 6805

Near 400 posts, writing about a lot of stuff. Here's some of my favorites over the years:

- - Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough

- - A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

- - : the best sudo replacement

- - Sleeping Through the Technical Interview

- - I Put Words on this Webpage so You Have to Listen to Me Now to subscribe. Been considering an email list. RSS
lproven 6771 My tech blog:


These replaced the roughly 20 year old, but now Russian-owned...

... and...

... due to the Ukrainian invasion. I cannot abide by the LJ AUP that requires me not to criticize the Russian government. Слава Україні!

These days, the vast majority of my writing is on though.