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viler 103 Creative anachronism with oldschool PCs: graphics, programming, games, typography, hardware, demoscene stuff, and so on so forth.
vikrum 2598
vijethph 1 RSS
victorNicollet 590

Rather than a site to write articles, it's a site where I keep links to things I write (or talks I give) so that I don't lose them.

I used to have a large blog ten years ago, with at least one post per day, because every blog guru on the internet said you needed to post every day to grow an audience. But I'm not smart enough to have something interesting to say every day, so it was rather poor quality. So I started this new iteration from scratch and post once or twice a year, mostly about software design.
victorbjorklund 707 Mostly write about Elixir. Check out the search function. It is a rust library run as WASM in the browser (all the right keywords for HN hehe).

My blog:

Search library used:

(And yes, I know it is totally overkill to have search when you just got a few articles)
verzali 53

Writing about space tech, astronomy, general science
venamresm__ 108 and I have two main feeds, one is about Unix, really deep articles. And I got usual life stuff and philosophy-related articles. I always try to take new perspectives when I write. The second link is to the nixers community.
veggieburrito 21 My personal website isn’t something I’m proud of from a design or code perspective and most others are usually much better. But if it ain’t broke…

Currently working on uploading and mixing/mastering other guitar ditties

Edit: always finding bugs when viewing it too haha oh well
vedranm 493

It used to be a separate website, but since becoming a principal investigator and starting my own group, I have integrated it into the group website. I mostly write about academic research/teaching and open-source software/principles/evangelization.

One of the posts from last year got a fairly nice traction on HN:

My personal favorite overall is the post from 2015 where I wrote about proprietary and open-source software in computational chemistry by debunking an article from American Chemical Society's Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.
vbernat 1784 — not as active as I previously was by lack of time, but there are some quite popular articles with an accent on networking stuff, but also some programming.
varunramesh 198

Right now I'm working on posts with interactive code snippets that you can edit / re-run directly in the page (like a Jupyter notebook). It's based off this: RSS
varun_ch 1297 It's definitely still a work in progress with only a handful of posts (I have at least 2 posts ready to publish but I'm waiting for permission to disclose vulnerabilities), but my favourite is probably, which is about creating a self referential YouTube video. is an experiment into getting a users history through a fake CAPTCHA, and it's my most viewed post so far.
vanjajaja1 187

It's a work in progress, I didn't want to launch yet but will soon
valzevul 222

I write weekly on things I learnt or read, most posts are paywalled but at least one every month is public.
ValtteriL 269

I write about security research and curiosities whenever I have the time and inspiration.
valgor 158 I started writing about animal ethics at the end of last year. This is mostly a clearing house for my thoughts, but I have found some people enjoy reading it. RSS