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ashton314 4194

I’ma programming languages researcher, so most of my posts are about that. I also write (too much) about Emacs. Education figures in my posts as well. I try to write one to two posts a month; that doesn’t always work out. I’ve got an RSS feed. The colophon explains how I make my blog:

Favorite posts:




ashvardanian 2474
ashwinne 69

2500+ posts from almost 20 years on the web.

Essentially a place to take notes: on the digital devices I use and tips of the software I use. The main idea is to have a place I can refer to when I want some programming/software/hardware detail a second time, instead of returning to Google search again. I've found it easier to have my own notes (once I find the info I need) since other sources of info online can disappear over time or disappear from search results. RSS
asicsp 10717 I write about Regular Expressions, Linux CLI one-liners, Scripting Languages and Vim:

I also read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi novels, and have a blog for my reviews: RSS
asimpletune 4728 I haven't blogged in a while, but I've got some stuff coming out, hopefully soon.
aslilac 279

Not very many posts. I only started trying to take writing for it seriously the last few months, with a target of one post per month. But I think "All you need is data and functions" is a pretty good read! Briefly made the front page of HN shortly after it was published.
astuyvenberg 643

I write about cloud minutia and generally focus on serverless. I try to focus on reproducible benchmarks and actionable advice. If you've wondered about the performance of AWS-SDK v2 or v3 in NodeJS, or weird edge case behaviors anywhere from Lambda to zip files, you may be interested.
aswinmohanme 740 Mine is at
asyncscrum 1735

Mostly about enterprise saas product leadership and the intersection with sales.
Atelfo 2 I write about biotech mostly RSS
athanasiosem 1
atulvi 377 Jekyll on Github Pages
Auguste 929

I mostly blog about programming and software, or whatever comes across my mind.

One of my favourite posts is "This is not the Web I've Known", which is about personal websites and the Small Web.
aurimas13 8 Mine is about me and how I overcome loneliness that has been a part of my life for third of my life where I speak about my tips, advice and science on this subject. On the way I share my stories. Here it is - RSS
avastel 792 Mostly about bot detection and browser fingerprinting. RSS
avestura 711