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vishnuharidas 541 writing about anything interesting, mostly tech, and life, fun, etc.
vit-baisa 33

My digital garden where I post my compositions, book reviews, notes on programming, ideas and thougths. RSS
vjerancrnjak 242
vladsiv 96

Writing about Data Engineering, ML, and AWS solutions with some focus on numeric calculations.
vlzdr 11
voberoi 423

I started writing publicly late last year. It's been tons of effort but it's been tremendously fun and fruitful.

Some of my more-visited or favorite posts:

* A primer on Roaring bitmaps: what they are and how they work -- This one ended up on the front page of HN and gets hundreds of visits monthly. I wrote it because it's the post I would have liked to read instead of reading the papers themselves.

* An internship working on "Customers who bought this also bought" at Amazon 16 years ago -- I wrote this one as an addendum to throwaway tweet I posted that went viral.

* How I made -- I wrote this one when I open-sourced the dataset behind The dataset got featured in Data is Plural and in a podcast interview I did with Jeremy Singer-Vine.


My favorite personal blog to read this past year is Phil Eaton's (eatonphil on HN):

I enjoy the subject matter he posts about (a lot of systems work and research, primarily), but his other posts are great too.

His post, "Is it worth writing about?" is a nice inspirational one for folks who want to/have been thinking about writing: RSS
voigt 393

My personal blog writing mainly about technical things such as Kubernetes (and Containers), WebAssembly or Zig. Lately Iรขย€ย™m documenting my progress of learning the Rust programming language by taking notes on specific topics. RSS
VonGuard 5414

- Terrible movies.

- David and Peter Paul made some good movies.

- 5G is the final key to the peer-to-peer revolution. RSS
voussoir 511 Wow, crazy to see 1600 comments here. Thanks for keeping the web alive. This is mine:

Some selections:

I've also been trying to do some narrations, though my results are not the greatest just yet.
voytec 2049

Tech stuff from an opinionated infra engineer; more slowly growing drafts than already published posts, but I'll get there :)
vparikh 248

Just random stuff I come across and my thoughts on it - more of entries that have interested me and so I have a log of it over time. More for me then others so - hope someone also gets something out of it :)
vslira 1045

Great initiative :)
vstollen 106

I don't write much. The most interesting article is probably one where I reflect on my AWS internship. :)
vsviridov 621

I've only started recently... RSS
vtomole 462 is mostly Philosophy and Quantum computing
w4rner 1 Write about The Arts & Tech and how we can defend the former from the latter. (via - a superbly curated, sustainable blogger community)

Top posts of last year: ft. Intros to: M.b, web-design & blogging Deep dives on: scams, BTC CO2 & TLDs

Ps thanks for getting me off the comment fence here. I do love a blogroll.