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tylerneylon 2094

The most popular article is "Learn Lua in 15 Minutes." I write about code, math, and philosophy; eg, neural networks, permutations, or consciousness.

I also run a weekly machine learning / AI newsletter: RSS
tylerjl 188

The posts that made it to the top of HN (that I can recall at this moment)

35 Million Hot Dogs: Benchmarking Caddy vs. Nginx (

SSH Kung Fu (

Building My Ideal Router for $50 (

I've been using nix/nixos a lot lately and will probably end up publishing more in that general area of interest. That and my excessively-overengineered homelab. RSS
txtsd 73

I blogged about my involvement in FOSS last year. This year has had no updates on account of being the hardest year of my life yet, but I'll get back to it this month.
Two9A 693

Perhaps a hundred posts, with the last significant block being ten years ago. I should really get back to it sometime... Posts that tend to have some lasting power:

- - A ten-part series (intended to be longer) on the implementation of emulators with the example of a GameBoy;

-'s-Build-a-JPEG-Decoder - A four-part series (intended to be longer) about the concepts behind JPEG and building a decoder;

- - Going back fifteen years, an exploration of how to build an 80x25 text mode on the Commodore 64. RSS
twilysparkle 3 I blog at I'm still new to the world of blogging, but I have been trying to refine my writing style and learn how to talk about the things that I've been learning about.
twalichiewicz 52

Design focus on tech and products
tverbeure 1509

I'm closing in on the 100 blog posts mark. Almost all are about pretty esoteric electronics topics (by HN standards) that I've been learning about myself.

I rarely get a lot of traction, but that's to be expected given the topics.

I do get a bit of a kick out of the fact that many of my blog posts will end up in the top 5 Google results when you search for one or two words of the subject. There's just not a lot of people who write about the HP 11720A pulse generator... RSS
tutfbhuf 1855 A personal blog about computer science topics. I write a about category theory, llms, cosmology, haskell and generic linux releated topics.

Some favorites over the years:

- - GitHub Programming Language Popularity based on BigQuery

- - Arch Linux Date-Based Versioned Upgrades

- - The Ultimate Fate of the Universe RSS
tuna-f1sh 2

Mix of electronics, software and a little mechanical hardware. From an embedded perspective. Lots of clocks :).
ttiurani 904 I write about environmentalism and technology.
tspann 3 RSS
tslmy 340

Here are some posts that have ranked top 1 in HN:

- A tour to my Zettelkasten note clusters

- 7 tools for visualizing a codebase

My recent favorite:

- How to get Notion-AI-like Autocomplete with LLMs in Obsidian, offline RSS
tschoffelen 7

Write about a few different topics, but a lot of serverless and Javascript stuff.
tsak 138 RSS
trwhite 357

Some of my favourite posts:

Building Software, Sharing Knowledge

Code and Context

Some Quality Biases
TrueDuality 1819

It's been on and off for a long time, mostly quick "this is how I solved this specific issue" posts but I get enough natural traffic it's clearly helping some people. I want to make time for more long form writing though.