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bartmika 242 RSS
batterylow 436

I used to write about evolutionary computation, data science, and other tech bits. I'm on my sabbatical right now and mostly writing pieces with no real common theme. I recently wrote my own static site generator - that held me up a little! RSS
battesonb 6

A relatively new blog. I've picked up posting more frequently in the last few weeks. Right now, I'm working through making a simple game end-to-end using WebGPU and TypeScript. I enjoy revisiting the linear algebra involved and focusing on something different to my work day. RSS
bayindirh 12988

It's a semi-regular, assorted blog about my adventures and experiences in life. Generally semi-focused on minimalism, computers and life in general.

It's powered by, which is very minimal and a joy to use. RSS
bbbhltz 47 Total hodge podge but mostly standard end-user tech gripes and howtos with a splash of education
bberenberg 1150 RSS
bbkane 990 is more notes to myself than anything else. Here are some posts I'm happiest with (some are just lists of references):




bckmn 528

Writing about building software and teams and little projects, with lots of my own photography mixed in. RSS
bdg 1620

I write about a lot of stuff, ranging from technical topics like page performance or git commands, up to how I run my business, or management topics like "How to set a goal". RSS
beckhamc 13

Mostly theoretical-ish deep learning stuff as of late (I'm a PhD candidate in that field). But I want to expand it into really anything: psychology, dating, video game reviews, etc. RSS
bediger4000 4477
BeetleB 11704
behnamoh 20434
bengarney 155

Most notable is an article series I wrote about making your own video conferencing app from scratch, including networking + codec. RSS
benhoyt 7066

The programming-related articles I've written, focussing primarily on Go and Python, as well as articles about my projects like GoAWK.
_benj 1983

I started this not too long ago, mostly write about stuff that Iรขย€ย™m exploring at the moment, i.e. Iรขย€ย™m currently writing a quick post about making simple GUIs with Tcl/Tk, which turns out is way simpler and more fun that what I expected :) RSS