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benjaminoakes 68

Mostly a link blog, but some original Ruby content on occasion RSS
benjamta 110

Infrequently updated thoughts on photography, logic, open rights, canoe building and many other things.
benkan 511

It's about product management, leadership, engineering organizations, and related topics. I still consider it personal because all of the content stems from personal experience.
benoliver999 415

Over 1000 posts since 2014, loooaods of movie reviews (mostly pithy short takes to remind me that I actually watched the movie) but some techy stuff which is what people actually seem to read.

I am currently doing a tour of Sheffield via its pork sandwiches.

Probably do a pub crawl next.
benwerd 4070

I've been a founder (2x), CTO / tech lead, engineer, product lead, VC, film reviewer, and writer. My site is about all of those things. Mostly I write about tech, startups, ethics, and journalism, interspersed with links I find interesting.

I also post a live view of my RSS subscriptions over at - I'm excited to add some more from this thread. Thanks for starting it! RSS
bergie 8014
berkut 2796

(A newly-hosted - February 2023 - re-creation of two blogs, one archived I used to have on blogspot/wordpress).
bfdes 2

I write about topics I find interesting. Current blog posts discuss property testing, library design, and combinatorial optimization.
bhag2066 49 Just started, one post so far. Posts every Sunday and Thursday to inspire company builders - RSS
bhoey 28

I try to write up helpful or interesting pieces I feel either aren't covered sufficiently elsewhere or for my own reference.

Covers a pretty wide array of technologies (software architecture, messaging systems, DBMSs, etc).

I generally try to target the intermediate level that often gets lost in the spectrum between surface-level intros or expert level deep dives. My hope is that someone gains an better understanding or discovers a new practical tool or approach that they can then use to better their life and career. RSS
bhu1st 133 Recently migrated to a .com

If the site throws error on first load please refresh the page. I can't figure what's causing this issue.

Random musings

Short Poems 700+

I love writing in my native language cause I feel like English has everything already written.
bigfoot675 141 RSS
BigglesB 99

Not many posts on there just yet, but experimenting with being super open while developing my next game! RSS
BillSaysThis 209
billylo 166

Lesson learned from my giveback projects (mobile, ML, navigation, travel apps) RSS
bioxept 22

Writing about data science, own projects and tech in general. You will also find some „today I learned“ posts where I share stuff that I found out while studying and working.