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bityard 7002 Super late to the party, but my infrequent ramblings are at
bkettle 233

It is a work in progress, but Iรขย€ย™d like for it to be a place where I can write about projects and anything that interests me. Will primarily be a combination of computer science and urban planning topics, maybe with a little cooking and hiking mixed in.
bkitano19 245

I write about tech, personal growth and some random stuff.

I really love bearblog, it was exactly what I was looking for to get started, shout-out Charlie Meyer for getting me started! RSS
blackbear_ 1719

I tend to write about my research and experience as a PhD student in machine learning and bioinformatics, and other random topics (mostly tech) that I find interesting. RSS
blackcat201 257

Recently I am ranting the AI trends and some short writeup of things I read RSS
blackshaw 472

Here are two recent(ish) posts I was proud of: RSS
blakeashleyjr 267

New to blogging but interested in DevOps, WordPress, and Go, along with normal techy things.
blakeburch 154 Raw thoughts on technology, the data ecosystem, automation and their overall impacts on society.

Need to be more consistent, as I'm sitting with a backlog of blog topics.
blogpost123 2

A few years worth of posts (haven't updated it in about a year though). Anonymous because I'd rather not tie it to my normal acct on here.
BlueApple32 32

mostly about Swift, my apps, and Indie app development.
bluebeku 2

Writing about learning, healthy productivity, creating and things that interest me.

Next post will be on "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker, a summary of its content with relevant additions from elsewhere and a quick evaluation discussing its problems such as far far too many untruthful claims.

Future posts will be on my year studying in South Korea, burnout, motivation, front-end development and a rewrite of the post on Anki and learning. Have more thing planned but am already not publishing enough.

Seeing so many posts here feels intimidating and it might not be worth the effort to even share this. Hopefully one person enjoys it :) RSS
bnchandrapal 117

Blog posts on Cloud Security, DevSecOps and other personal experiments+experiences in security

bndr 2063

Mostly I help developers grow รขย€ย” I share my thoughts as a CTO about building digital products, growing teams, scaling development and in general being a good technical founder.

Some of the popular posts are:

- - Things they didn't teach you at the university

- - Rules of thumb for Project Estimations

- - Contracts you should never sign.

Most of the blog posts have ended up on the Frontpage here, here's the list:

Cheers, Vadim RSS
bobbiechen 3101

It's a mix of personal stuff and occasionally technical notes - I've been contemplating splitting them up but I'm internally opposed to it for some reason. RSS
boeingUH60 5081

In college, I used to write tech news whenever I got bored. I somehow turned it into a sustainable business after graduating. RSS
Bogdanp 1161 รขย€ย” I mostly write about Racket. RSS