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I post 3x daily (since 2004) featuring things that surprise/inform/amuse/amaze/delight (sometimes >1 of these)
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About two months ago, there was an Ask HN about the most interesting interesting tech you built for just yourself [1]. In this topic, I shared about my Ghidra modifications to unlink pieces of an executable back into relocatable object files [2] in an effort to reverse-engineer a PlayStation 1 video game.

Long story short, I've wanted to write about this esoteric but powerful technique and it snowballed into starting my own blog with a series of articles about reverse-engineering. It's still a WIP draft, quite rough around the edges and not ready for prime-time, but you only have that kind of Ask HN thread once (every couple of years I assume).

Side-note: the Google and Bing webcrawlers managed to find and index that domain name despite having no public links to it whatsoever (to my knowledge) until now, my only logical explanation is that they've found it by scrapping the WHOIS database. It's also hosted inside my home on my personal Synology DS218 NAS with a rather dodgy setup, which will probably crash and burn under any level of load by the time you've read this comment.


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I had a break for a year and now it's great time to start blogging again.
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There is a wide variety of random content on my site. This is my blog. I tend to write more often about gaming and life in general, and tech only sporadically.
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Its closer to a personal diary of the things I do technology wise, and where I put anything I have written together so I have a record of it. RSS
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Just started. Working on Go and Kubernetes and observability.
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bradwoodsio 372 Writing mostly about design & front-end engineering
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I post a lot about PKM (mainly Obsidian), automation (iOS shortcuts and Alfred), slice of life posts, AI and philosophy. I also have a weekly newsletter!
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Musings on technology and other topics. Some examples:

A Timelapse of a monstera deliciosia taken from frames of a Wyze cam:

My first experience with the 3D holographic laser disc game, Time Traveler and Dragonรขย€ย™s Lair in an arcade:

Early notes on Spatial Audio:

A highlight of a Devendra Banhart song:
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Most popular posts is one an AWS X-ENI and the EMC VNX hacking and the Z16 Thinkpad review

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But I like my real adventure where I got trapped in my car next to a leapoard, maybe everyone will find it boring but there is a terrible video I took with proof.

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Kind of on pause for last few years, but not dead :-) RSS