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peterhung 3 - Mostly on life lessons - though I'm dev by training. English-only list of posts:

My favorite is a post written more than 10 years ago on Buddhism: RSS
tejasbubane 3 - Programming blog - mostly Ruby on Rails & postgres.
timotta 3 Only one post for now:
tspann 3 RSS
twilysparkle 3 I blog at I'm still new to the world of blogging, but I have been trying to refine my writing style and learn how to talk about the things that I've been learning about.
ankitag9 4

Recently started writing regularly. Have decided to focus on technical nuances and programming mental models learned the hard way, things I wish I knew in college or early career. - About my learning from running my startup for 5 years. - The latest one I wrote on LLMs - About the breakthrough brought in by Airpods. - Thinking about TAM RSS
AshleyJanssen 4

I'm a productivity consultant so I write about productivity and how to be intentional about how you spend your time, energy, and attention in all parts of your life.

I publish them bi-weekly via my newsletter, Every Intention. Top articles: RSS
danbartlett 4

It's only a few months old, but I kicked off the blog by sharing the story of my last three years: going through divorce, burnout and depression as a cofounder, in the midst of the pandemic.

The first part of the story is here:

I'm using this story as a springboard to understand burnout, explore recovery, and circle the bigger topics of meaning and fulfilment in work.

I have a bigger archive of writings on meditation, well-being and ultrarunning on my personal site:
elgrantomate 4 - writing on self, identity, addiction, intuition, and adventure. RSS
irfan3 4

I write about my learnings as a YC-backed technical founder and personal stories on overcoming poverty, building resilience, and life philosophy.

Here are some of the top posts:





I'm happy to trade recommendations if we share the same audience (engineer/founders/managers) and we both use Substack.
jcnoel 4 Ahh here ya go: RSS
khuzudin 4 Reiterate is an app I wrote to help guide esports players through the process of self-improvement. The blog covers app releases, musing on self-improvement in general, and technical details about the app's code and the servers that run the backend.
krekr 4
miro_pele 4 Just starting on my own journey in the space of personal blogs.

Would love to hear any feedback. RSS
Saul_C 4
y3sar 4

Just started, Mostly planning to write about AI, startups, philosophy, and the future.