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Reverse engineering, debugging, and some silly contraptions.
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My blog, lists, notes... Really anything I want to share. Quality is meh, content is random, i love it.
0xbro 1 Ey, here's my blog => :)

I blog (and make videos) about what surrounds AppSec, ethical hacking, penetration testing, CTFs, and other various cybersecurity stuff. I also plan to do vulnerability research and responsible disclosures in the future, but only time will tell.

You are welcome to my web space!
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DevOps, Cloud related topics mostly. Sometimes some guides / howtos, sometimes my thoughts around technologies I use.

Started this year, few posts already there. I wanted to post on weekly basis, but well ;)

It's my 3rd or even 4th attempt at blogging. Previously I was writing in Polish so I didn't bother keeping archive, also the break was pretty long and everything got really outdated already. RSS
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There aren’t many articles on there at the moment, as I tend to get imposter syndrome part way through writing and never finish, but I have a couple in the works that I’d like to post soon.
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Posts about the Web and the software that powers it. Light on content right now but will hopefully change that soon.
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I keep it tech focused, my personal life is elsewhere. I like doing deep dives into topics, especially where I don't know what I'll find. I usually start with "writing as thinking" and then edit most of it away to get something readable.
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Content going back ages, mostly died out when blogging did -- with social media slowly dying, I'm hoping the overall tread will reverse.
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I write seldomly but my interests vary around game development and random software things I make or accomplish.
a5hd 3, small blog where i post about frontend issues/blog posts
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I write amateur poetry and post it to my blog above :)
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I can’t always say my posts are great, but I try to stay consistent with posting at least twice a month. I find it to be a great way to organize my thoughts and learnings.
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