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albertyw 142
alexghr 256 Sure, here's mine:

I've been running this site since ~2015 (same CSS for at least 8 years now) but there's not a lot of content on it. I've been trying to get more into it recently though and I'm posting TIL-style content :)

It started out as a site built out of Mustache templates with plain CSS for styling. A few months ago I migrated it to Astro so that I don't have to maintain a build script written in bash but the CSS and site layout stayed the same.
alexmolas 3802

I write about math, machine learning, data analysis, and some opinions about different topics.
alexwlchan 319

I passed 400 posts a month or so ago; been writing for about a decade. It's a mix of programming, arty stuff, digital preservation, personal thoughts – the first link describes the sort of writing I do, and examples of each.

Some favourites:

* – You should take more screenshots, a perennial darling of HN

* – Launching a rocket in the worst possible way, aka abusing the <marquee> tag

* – A day out at the Bure Valley Railway, trains!

* – Finding a tricky bug in Elasticsearch 8.4.2, the sort of deep-dive debugging I don’t do often enough

(And a fairly basic post about prime factorisation with Python has been on the HN front page several times, for reasons I do not understand at all) RSS
alfiedotwtf 3627

Like a lot of tech blogs, it's been neglected for a while
ali_af 40 Adding mine to the list here :-)
alin23 4506 Incredible how many personal blogs are out there. I love using RSS, but how would I go about finding these sources based on things I like?

Feels like there should be a Spotify for reading, with “playlists” of articles cherry picked from blogs, and simple Discover Weekly recommendations.

Anyway, I’ll leave mine as well (mostly reverse engineering macOS related):

…and I’ll probably use the quality data on this thread to build that service I feel should already exist. RSS
allanbreyes 474

I usually have more plans to write things than actual time, but I do keep some articles/lists "evergreen" and they come up in conversations quite a bit:

- - Books I'm reading, plan to read, or have read (and lightly reviewed) - - 50+ online courses I took (and also lightly reviewed) - - Same theme, but for papers and articles
allanrbo 525
allenleein 7074

startup, venture capital, programming RSS
alphydan 1121

A few articles about physics, finance and software with some poetry sprinkled in.
altilunium 1112
alxexperience 27

I don't write nearly as much as I would like to, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I write about videogames and am hoping to write more tech stuff in the future RSS
alxmng 2489 — just started blogging. We’ll see how it goes :)

I focused on writing about how to effectively manage the process of shipping software.
alxndr 1942

infrequent posts, tech-focused mostly, sometimes about human languages or nerdy jokes...
amadeuspagel 9368

Media Theory, Window Managers, UI, random gripes about tech companies RSS