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aviperl 8 I'm working on a project to create a blog powered entirely by GitHub gists, POC is working but there is lots more to do.

It's an outlet for sharing some small code ideas I have here and there.
avodonosov 1835
avyfain 1201

I write very little these days, but you can find a mix of tech and economics, as well as a selection of my photography (mostly travel and street photo).

For the HN crowd, Iรขย€ย™d highlight my piece on evaluating startup offers: RSS
awanderingmind 210

People seem to have enjoyed my book reviews, of which there are currently a grand total of two:

Most recently I have tried to make a case against the dangers of intelligence explosions (I am unsure I succeeded):

I have an RSS feed you can subscribe to. I welcome constructive feedback, regarding both my writing or the site itself.
awaxman11 672 I write on a variety of topics: health, product, design, and engineering. Need to get back to writing more frequently RSS
axolotlgod 59

have been trying to do a writing challenge for this year, it's going ok. I write about whatever interests me, trying to do at least three articles a week RSS
ayende 727
ayewo 1025

Published two articles yesterday as part of a project that will hopefully allow anyone to fully automate the installation and/or migration of a Ghost blog to any cloud host that supports Ubuntu Linux VMs. RSS
azhenley 19737

I write about software engineering, academia, product design, and usability. About 3/4 of them generate notable discussion on HN.
b8 852
bachmeier 7960

It's a continuation of my earlier blog, but I wanted something more minimal. It's not something I'd read if someone else wrote it. Sometimes I like to write. I put professional content on my website.
bandzest 14

I started writing more recently. But it is harddddd. Haha.
baobabKoodaa 4670

Started in 2019.

My most popular long-form article is about how banks create money:

My most popular page is an april's fools I made a few years ago. It still gets 4k organic unique visitors per month, which accounts for about 95% of my site's traffic. RSS
baotiao 183

130 blog posts. Writing about Database and Distributed system RSS
barbariangrunge 2765

About writing and analyzing fiction, and now featuring original fiction

I think this is my most popular article: what I learned after reading 100 short stories RSS
barriteau 2 Not exactly a blog but a bunch of essays and stuff I've been writing:

Everything there is in Spanish EXCEPT for an (fictional?) idea to replace Google with a decentralized alternative: