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zzpxyx 1

Random technical memos and tips.
zufallsheld 552

Mainly technical and DevOps, Ansible posts. Many smaller posts about my TIL's.
zserge 560 -- minimal software, learning how things work by building them RSS
zrkrlc 455 Mostly philosophical spitballing:

Not a lot going on there but some people have told me they really like my essays so I elected to put my favourite ones online.
zrail 8591

I don't really have a theme, other than just stuff that's interesting to me, but I'm proud of it as a body of work spanning more than a decade now. RSS
zquestz 149 This is where I share my thoughts about crypto, security, infrastructure, linux, food, health and spirit.
Zolomon 1470 is my personal blog, though I definitely need to pick up writing again.
zimpenfish 8654 - nothing too exciting unless you're fond of football league rabbit holes, the occasional Minecraft tool, and various other rabbit holes which tend towards coding.
zikani_03 26

Trying to get better at writing. I have like 54 articles in draft that I need to finish before year ends. :/
zielsen 1

I’ve been writing on and off for a few years now! I’ve mostly been using this to note any particularly troublesome bugs/commands as well as use writing to think through some analysis throughout my career. RSS
ZhadruOmjar 106

I post about engineering management, general thoughts on software and life. Occasionally you'll get jiu jitsu related content.
zetalyrae 1320

150 kilowords on Lisp, compilers, linear types, Rust, and broader software engineering opinions. Favorites:

- Effective Spaced Repetition:

- Unbundling Tools for Thought:

- Introducing Austral:

- Language Pragmatics Engineering:

- Lessons from Writing a Compiler:
_zeta 8

I talk about application security and other stuff (common pitfalls from working on the field, career advices etc). I have yet to migrate the content from my old blog, but a new post will be released soon™.

An introduction is available here: RSS
zeroxfe 2826

My posts are sporadic and span nearly two decades now. It's all programming related -- stuff on statistics, music notation, systems administration, etc. Some of these got to the HN front page. :-) RSS
zerojames 1744 RSS
zerobits 134

A site about the most effective techniques to improve your memory, intelligence, and effectiveness. Built with a custom software stack, want to put more time into it soon.

Selection of posts:

· Adults learn faster than children: challenging a discouraging myth that children are suited for learning more than adults. (

· A new curriculum: The topics we fail to emphasize in school. Was on HN front page for a bit. (

· Everyday memory palaces: How to increase your memory by orders of magnitude, and apply that in daily life (

· How to draw a 4D hypercube: Wrap your mind around higher dimensions. (