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aastronaut 124

I should write more. RSS
abareplace 16

C and assembly language programming under Win32 RSS
abathur 1883 Dare we ask why? :) RSS
abc3 104 For the past 2.5 years, I've published summaries of each month as it ends, so on 2023-06-30, I published a summary of June 2023. Each post has the following:

- Narrative Introduction; - Podcasts reviews (each review is 25 words or fewer); - Nerdy Software (25 words or fewer on a piece of software I like); - Bougie Products (25 words or fewer on a product I like); - Personal Finance and Investing (advice in 25 words or fewer); - Reading (each review is 25 words or fewer); - A List.

The name of my blog comes from a quote that inspires me: "In music, as in everything, the disappearing moment of experience is the firmest reality." (Benjamin Boretz)

It's hosted on Buttondown:

Posts that don't fit my monthly format are hosted on Sourcehut (via Hugo):

My favorite post is about getting to know a song that a friend recommended:
abdulapopoola 3

This blog presents leadership methodologies for high-impact outcomes. Each post typically describes a challenge, hard-learned lessons, and the reusable framework to use.

Areas include building high-performing teams, setting direction, creating an engineering culture, identifying high-leverage interventions, and more. It aims to help engineering leaders accelerate their growth while supporting their teams to reach their highest potential. RSS
abhaynayar 562

Not really personal, mostly stuff I would be ok with my employer seeing. I used to write extremely personal stuff online, but then realized it's much better to just have a life and talk to people IRL.
abhi9u 807 I just started 2 months back. Here it is:

Here are some of my posts which have been well received:

- : It takes you through a tutorial showing how to use the function call feature to build your own ChatGPT with plugins

- - This explains the results of the AlphaDev paper from DeepMind

- - This gives an introduction to the Mojo programming language

- - This one is my personal take on whether programming jobs are in danger becaue of AI or not. RSS
abnercoimbre 1192

I've started commentary on the messy business of running a tech conference. (I'm a former NASA engineer now organizing indie conferences for a living.) The essay "Why you can't Kickstart a conference" has thankfully done rather well.
abound 381

I lived in a box truck for six years while working at Google and chronicled my thoughts and experiences and shenanigans.

Still not sure what I'll do with the blog going forward, my current life being significantly less novel.
acaloiar 1094

I mostly write about tech topics and write howtos, usually for my own future reference.

However I also write about being a "digital nomad" living in an RV, and sometimes that converges with tech, e.g. ( and sometimes even mountain biking (

It scratches a personal itch, and covering any topic I want allows me to do that. RSS
acbart 705

Haven't posted much lately, but that's my blog. Mostly CS Education stuff.
acconrad 7709

A lot of it is around engineering management best practices but there are some more philosophical and personal bits sprinkled here and there.

It has hit HN a few times but I’ll admit I have no analytics on it so I don’t really know how many readers I have beyond my newsletter subscribers. RSS
_ache_ 221 Mine is

I don't write a lot. Mostly in French. But the web site have a lot of features.

- Static - Multilingual - Integrated performant Kudo system - RSS feed

And a bunch of things like side notes, dark-theme, zen mode, etc. I seem to enjoy to improve the blog more than to write blog posts. RSS
achileas 260 I do most of my longer form writing at, usually around Python, ML/data engineering, and amateur radio.

More frequently, I update my evergreen and project notes at which os powered by Obsidian Publish.
acutesoftware 256

Very low frequency updates mainly about information management and data.

Most popular article was "What software will you trust when you get senile?" -
AdamCraven 252

Alignment between people and technology, mostly. Much aggregated from my other site (

- - post with 3d graphics

- - one that took the longest to write

- - A principle RSS