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Addono 87

Just covering general tech things which excite me, often quite hands on to solve some niche problem :)
AdilZtn 55 I write sometimes about machine learning
adityaathalye 894

It is my space to "think in public". The motto is "Writing = Thinking". Pet topics include functional programming, systems thinking, emacs, bash, clojure, organisation design etc.

It is my second time writing publicly. This is how it began:

It is made using my static site maker (written in Bash :), which I "Show HN"'d some time ago: RSS
adminu 407 Not regularly blogging but from time to time:
adrianhon 1829

Writing about games and technology, with the occasional sci-fi short story and politics thrown in.

I play a newish game every week and talk about its mechanics, game design, and what makes it interesting. RSS
adrianmsmith 3413

Software, Coding, Databases, etc.

I've been writing the blog for about 20 years now.

- Full article list:

- List of categories (Java, PostgreSQL, etc.):

Started life on (does anyone remember that?) then migrated to WordPress, and now Hugo.

The only articles which really get any hits any more are those where I've specifically solved problems I was having, i.e. posts which are similar to Stack Overflow answers. I guess people search for the error messages and find my articles, so that's search working as intended I guess.

If I write anything else e.g. my thoughts on software development, it's still a useful exercise to focus the mind, and I can send the article to a few mates and they might read it, but that's it, no hits from Google etc.

Back in the days of Google Reader I used to have some readers via RSS, and I used to follow a number of interesting blogs from various individuals I'd found. Those were nice times, but I guess they're over. RSS
adrianwaj 1810

Life Contextualized. - Sep '18 to present. 1100+ posts. Thorough taxonomy. Wordpress. 46 plugins.

automobile, artist, colorization, crystal, culture, enlightenment, fashion, generative, graffiti, haute couture, idea, judaism, kundalini, lyric, mashup, memoir, music, off-grid, photo, rainbow, regal, startup, storytelling, travel, twilight
aeze 174

Just random musings, I've been picking up speed recently.
ag8 1818
agallant 129

Haven't had the chance to write for awhile, but been wanting to get back to it. In addition to normal static site stuff it has webmentions/pingbacks, comments, and (probably now broken) interoperability with Twitter (likes would show up as webmentions) - overall it was a fun excuse to figure out IndieWeb stuff ( is where I explain that). RSS
Agentlien 2459

A selection of fun tidbits from my work, focused on graphics programming and performance. It's largely written in a slightly less technical detail so I can share it with friends and family.

There's still two things I want to write from Wavetale (rendering and optimisation of the water), but those are more ambitious and technical, so I haven't gotten around to it, yet.
agentultra 10300

I haven't updated in a long while! I'll get around to it at some point..
agilob 3043 RSS
ahalbert 31 My blog:

I just got back to public writing, but I like to share summaries of the books I read.

My most recent post is the secret history of cold war submarine espionage:

This recently was featured on hacker news's front page:
ahmadrosid 62 I write about web development mostly about Laravel, JavaScript, Rust and Golang.
ahnooie 0

Technology (mostly homelab), Finance, and the Christian Worldview. RSS