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wey-gu 236

Mostly on Graph Tech/ NebulaGraph/ Open-Source :)
wgrover 432

Random musings of a professor of Bioengineering at the University of California, Riverside. A few highlights:

- - My investigation into a fictitious California university and its link to predatory academic journals.

- - Looking into filming locations for Gene Roddenberry's TV show pilot "Genesis II" that was filmed at UC Riverside in 1972.

- - How stereo phonograph records work.
wheybags 3099 - mostly ramblings about native code, hopefully more ramblings about gamedev in future
whilenot-dev 215

I should write more.
whoami_nr 324

Stuff on the gaming market in India, real money games, Poker and some software projects I worked on in my past life. RSS
whoisnnamdi 1169

About 50 longer-form essays over the last ~5 years, mostly about venture capital, software, and developer productivity.

Some interesting Hacker News discussions on a few: Remote Software Developers Earn 22% More Than Non-Remote Developers (377 points) -

Why We Will Never Have Enough Software Developers (366 points) -
whorleater 1355 - anthropology of Islam stuff and distributed systems
wildekek 148
willhackett 157

I don't post very often, but I've been meaning to because I find a great way to learn something is by writing about it.
windhamdavid 60 - whatever I feel like noting
winrid 3978

Although I only write like one article a year :) I would like to redo the site and write more.
wittbenji 1

I write satire in short form posts a couple of times a week. Often it’s about AI and tech, but really anything that makes me laugh.

A few that turned out well:

Apple Vision Pro is an iOpener

Irish Spring stumbles into artificial intelligence

Steamboat Ronnie

Trader Joe’s upgrades Joes O’s RSS
wofo 2013


I write about once a month, mainly about technical stuff I come across at work (e.g. my last post is about writing a SAT solver for dependency resolution)
wonder_er 1229

Oh, boy, it's a random collection of things.

Here's a smattering of posts about:

- climbing:

- went to the top of HN, changing your mac address:

- how to write a letter of recommendation for yourself:

i've found SO MANY wonderful personal blogs here on HN. I even built a little web scraping thing a long time ago to scrape these links from the top-level comments:

Heroku shut it down, but I'm gonna see if i can bring it back online in like 30 seconds... RSS
wonger_ 851
WoodenChair 7260

I blog about technical subjects, general societal observations, and post book reviews.