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y3sar 4

Just started, Mostly planning to write about AI, startups, philosophy, and the future.
yakkomajuri 1030

I write about whatever comes to mind, and also post some pictures there. Been meaning to restructure the whole thing but haven't gotten to it yet.
yakshaving_jgt 5481 Some Haskell stuff. Some angry rants. Some ideas. RSS
yashasolutions 229

Power by hugo after being on wordpress and then gatsby. The hardest was to get a workflow of writting so that i don't have streaks of multiple month without any writting going on.

Still hard but somehow it is improving. I have also cut out twitter and I am trying to write everything on the blog first and then eventually to to tweet it later RSS
yasyfm 467
ybogomolov 7 My personal blog: I used to blog about functional programming in TypeScript and fp-ts. Now I donรขย€ย™t have much time for that, but Iรขย€ย™m planning to revive the blog with more FP content soon.
yellowapple 10591

Not much here yet; just a couple posts about software/hardware I use.
Yeri 1242
yizhang7210 17 I write about software here: RSS
ykgoon 2

Statically generated with Pelican.

Not keeping track of posts, been too many years.
ykl 2357

Writing about computer graphics. Long detailed posts every few months. It's been on a slight pause over the past year, but new stuff coming soon.
yla92 3618 I haven't been writing much but mine is at! RSS
ylansegal 8 RSS
yogsototh 2446 (or its clone

I blog about functional programming (haskell, clojure), but also emacs org-mode, thing like these. I sometimes tell myself I should invest more time to write down more about my thoughts there.

I am happy to be part of the 512kb club.

Here are a few posts that were somehow popular:


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yoru-sulfur 213

Mobile experience is poor, I suggest not trying to use your phone.
yshalsager 1 Been blogging in Arabic since 2014, 360 articles so far :D There are few English posts as well, mostly Python and Android stuff.