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woodruffw 32991

It's mostly tech (Python, Rust, LLVM, cryptography) along with some other interests mixed in. RSS
writecandace 2 RSS
wunderbaba 84 It's a mishmash of philosophical musings, personal projects, and music compositions.

Building a Pictionary multiplayer AI game with stable diffusion

Sean Aston uses BASIC to Hack

How free will is constrained from a physiological standpoint RSS
wunderwuzzi23 208 Embrace The Red:

Blogging mostly security related things, red teaming, pen testing, AI security, threat modeling and stuff.
wxyyxc1992 10 RSS
wyum 11

Personal blog with a handful of tech-oriented posts and a gallery of some of my favorite photos. Haven't posted in a bit, but this thread is motivating. Made with Jekyll, hosted on GitHub pages, with Cloudflare in front. It's super lightweight. My goal is to keep the PageSpeed score at 100.

My personal favorite post is: "Explore JavaScript with Axis & Allies"
x0axz 55 This blog delves into machine intelligence, focusing on novel systems and algorithms, and provides comprehensive documentation with visuals and interactivity.
xanthrax 5

Only a few posts but hopefully interesting enough.
xavdid 1395 Sure, mine is at: I've got RSS and JSON feeds too:

It mostly covers 3 main areas of interest:

- tech (lots of Python & JS, but other topics too) - media reviews (big best-ofs yearly) - personal items

I post ~ 4 times a year, on average, but I put a lot of effort into what I post. I should probably invert that (more low/medium-effort posts), but haven't.

Please tell me anything jumps out at you! RSS
xena 6805

Near 400 posts, writing about a lot of stuff. Here's some of my favorites over the years:

- - Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough

- - A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

- - : the best sudo replacement

- - Sleeping Through the Technical Interview

- - I Put Words on this Webpage so You Have to Listen to Me Now to subscribe. Been considering an email list. RSS
xenodium 966 will hit 10 years in November. It started as a single org file for personal notes (programming, cooking, Emacs, bookmarks, iOS dev, travel). One day, I decided to export it to HTML and make it accessible to me from anywhere. Sorta just became both notes and blog over time…

While the tone of the posts may have evolved a bit, the blog still serves as personal notes/reference of sorts. The tech behind it hasn’t changed a whole lot. It remains a single org file ( with my own ugly elisp hacks, but hey does the job ;-)
xiaoxiae 48

My little corner of the internet, filled with things that I personally find interesting. The posts are a mixture of lecture notes, additional resources for my YouTube videos and random things I didn't want to forget.
xnacly 297

I really enjoy writing especially to work on my english and how i express my thoughts.

I try to write at least one post a month but im usually pretty busy with work.

My top 3 favorite posts are:

linux guide for powerusers

Rsa and python

Lexical analysis of Markdown in Go RSS
xoranth 111

In-depth blogging about low level optimization. Two posts so far:

- A walkthrough of an highly optimized implementation of string comparisons.

- Micro-optimizing a perfect hash function and memory comparisons.

RSS feed:

(edit: add feed) RSS
xorvoid 525

I write quirky computer science articles. Usually based on some crazy project often at the intersection of computers and math. Currently working on a series that builds Finite Fields up from scratch step-by-step (haven’t published that yet)
xythobuz 123